“As a solopreneur for the last five years, I have often prioritized the needs of my business and my clients above my own. At some point, I realized that that had to change if I were to have an enduring and sustainable business and lifestyle. Enter Arella and her Ayurvedic wellness work.

One of the biggest gifts I received from working with Arella was learning to establish a consistent daily routine that would nourish my body, mind, and soul. She suggested I schedule meals and exercise in my routine just as I might client work. She also suggested ways for me to take advantage of the natural resources where I live to enhance my wellbeing – suggestions that may seem obvious, but that I needed to be called out to give them serious weight. Her nutrition and skin care suggestions were tailored to my body and skin type, helping me to feel seen and understood.

I have always been curious about Ayurveda, and working with Arella was a no-brainer. She is kind, open, curious, empathic, humble, and intuitive. She is a wonderful listener, which is a quality you want in anyone you are going to be working with to improve your life. She knows how to find positive meaning in difficult life circumstances. Arella is a model of the work she promotes. She is active and fit, has beautiful skin and hair, and seems to be aging backwards, not forwards. 

After integrating Arella’s recommendations, I feel more energetic and grounded with less brain fog and sluggishness throughout the day. More often than not, I wake up without the help of an alarm in the mornings. With more time and energy, I have been able to find ways to make my business more sustainable, leading to more space in my schedule for me to enjoy life and engage in self care – establishing a positive virtuous cycle that continues to improve the quality of my life. 

I am so grateful to Arella for her thoughtful and comprehensive work with me. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to integrate the wisdom of Ayurveda into their life in this highly complex and busy world of ours!”

Dorit Perry
Career Coach

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“Arella’s classes are a high point of the week.  From the moment you walk into the class there is a feeling of calm and focused energy.  I am able to immediately leave the stresses and concerns of the day behind and become present to the class.  Arella then leads us through a thoughtful sequence of poses which never fails to really touch on all the major areas.  I always leave feeling very “complete.”  The pace is strong and yet modulated so that there is a great balance between the effort and the relaxation.  Her guidance is clear and easy to follow and becomes a steady thread you can follow through the class, allowing me to remain focused on my breathing and not have to constantly be checking what the instructor is talking about.  The world music is perfect for the class.” 

Jessie Scott, MBA Administrator

“As a new Mom, finding time to myself and for exercise was a challenge.  Motivated to lose weight gained during my pregnancy, I decided to return to yoga.  I took Arella’s class one day and found myself compelled to return.  Her thoughtfully chosen choreographed class balances challenging vinyasa sequences and postures with introspection.  Throughout the class, Arella takes the time to correct, demonstrate, and provide assists to improve your practice.  Since joining Arella’s class six months ago, I’ve seen noticeable changes, I’m stronger, toner, thinner, more flexible, and less stressed.  I couldn’t be happier with my practice of yoga.  I highly recommend anyone to take Arella’s class.  She’s an amazing instructor and makes class fun, challenging, peaceful, and very fulfilling.” 

Celine Schafer College Counselor

“I love taking Arella’s yoga classes.  It is just right.  With Arella’s graceful, inspiring, and motivating presence, her well-choreographed vinyasa sequences, her well-timed and consistently offered spine-lengthening assists, and her thoughtfully chosen, wonderfully rhythmic world music, I find her classes to be a deeply satisfying, full bodymind experience.  Arella infuses her class with just the right mix of discipline (i.e. she incorporates balancing postures into each class) and light-heartedness (she often cracks me up).  Perhaps most notably, Arella encourages and allows me to relish my own experience of my yoga practice.  She provides sufficient instruction, but leaves a lot of room for students to commune with themselves.  Come take Arella’s class.  I trust that you, like me, will leave with a sense of peace, fulfillment, serenity, and possibility.” 

Linda Raab Clinical Psychologist

“I have become a regular in Arella’s classes for about a year now because of the balance that she brings to her teaching. The flow classes are challenging, yet fun and she routinely suggests modifications for more or less advanced practitioners.  Arella usually starts class by getting you to think about a topic involving your consciousness, but then her peaceful teaching style and sequences quickly take you away to a great place of physical and mental freedom.  She plays awesome music with a ton of variety during the class, and there have been 90 minute classes that seem to go by in a third of that time!  She is the type of teacher that gets the most out of her students naturally!  I would recommend her classes highly and continue to experience yogic bliss after just about every class I practice with her!” 

Andy Barish Equity Research Analyst